Wednesday, November 26, 2008



Okay the first item on the agenda today is No, I HAVE NOT GOTTEN THE PACKAGE YET! The Zone leaders forgot to pick up the post at transfers. Needless to say we were pretty unhappy because both of us were expecting packages of some sort or other. Elder Walker was expecting a package from his girlfriend, so we were both pretty unhappy! Today we are supposed to be getting some post from the Zone leaders!

Today we are also going to the Costford RAF museum! I can not wait. I heard it is really good! Ohhh and the best part is it's FREE!!!! We just have to ride a ways on our bikes to get there. But it will all be worth it!

I'm having my trousers sewn up by a sister in the Branch. She said she didn't think it would be much of a problem. I'm thankful that is also FREE. I think you just get blessed with FREE things when your on you mission. Like the way I had my nice new metal pedals bashed by chavs with hammers or something, maybe bricks, but they were battered and then the member fixing my bike got me new plastic pedals for FREE.'s okay. Elder Walker's bike wasn't fixable so he got a new one. It's way nice. We immediately went and sprayed his bike black instead of leaving it bright red! I rode it for a little bit and it's a way nice ride!!!! So now he bombs it down the paths and leaves me in the dust.

By the way, on another note, I just found out from a member that they get free international calling, so for a backup if I can not call using that card then I'll still be able to go to their house for the call. But I'm sure when it gets closer we will have everything sorted out!

Well, I think that's it! I'm going to go enjoy myself at the RAF museum and take loads of pictures so I can burn a picture CD later on today and send that with all the videos as well!

So I'm doing fine. I'm starting to break out my long johns now a days because of the cold rain that keeps falling from the sky! Anyways, I'm alive and well and still with Elder Walker! I love Wolverhampton. It's a lot like living in Schenectady, up on the hill! That's what all of Wolverhampton is like! It's an acquired taste, but what are you gonna do!

Hey, by the way Dad, I ate octopus the other day! I thought you'd be proud of me! A little chewy but not too too bad! I'll send you the video of me eating it!

Alright- give my regards to the family and the ward. And tell the missionaries that I have no sympathy for them. I've been riding a bike since day 1!!!

I love you all!

Elder Brett Brooksby

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm still In Wolverhampton!

In short I'm not being transferred and I'm sticking around here for the next couple transfers I think! So, not much is new. I have run out of time. We got to the library late and I don't know if I will be able to come back here later on in the day to write more. Sorry for the disappointment. I'll do my best to tell you as much as possible in the next three minutes. So, again my bike is broken and this time it’s the whole back end. Luckily for me there is a member who is doing the surgery on my bike so I won’t have to do it without the right tools. I tell you that’s really frustrating to have a bike that isn’t working right. The member said he knows where to go and get really discounted parts so I'm really lucky for that!

Go ahead and send my package. I'm still at the same address!

Love, Elder Brooksby

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


YES!!! I've made it to my 6 month mark!!!! And wow it flew by. I NEVER knew time to fly as fast as it has!!! How fast will I be at my year mark? It's crazy really to think the next big step is a year!!!!! The time we have here is really short! It said that in PMG but I didn't believe that was true, and looking at it now I can see the truth that it really held!

So I guess at 6 months I'm getting into the swing of things pretty good now and looking at the things I can improve on. It's really awesome to be out here!! Plus the cold weather is moving in and the cold rain is starting so England will be some fun times soon!!!!

Mom thanks for the addresses and the recipes and for the packages. By the way your Christmas package is in the post and should be there in a week or two. You can open it just to re-wrap them for Christmas, or just keep them in the box for Christmas or whatever you want to do (have them now) I'm not picky ;)

Concerning Christmas - I will have to call home so I'll get an international calling card. I can also call Erin and Grandma and whom ever else, as long as they are family! So that's how that will work. I'll have to call probably at 5:00pm here which would be 12:00 or 1:00pm there, so that's what I'm planning on doing.

I love you all I hope your doing well, and I'll talk to you again next week!

Love, Elder Brooksby

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hello to all my family!

So this message will be to several different parts of the family, so get ready for the sermon!

To my dearest little sister Lauren, of which I have not heard anything from in the last I dont know probably 4 months....I know not how you are doing and do surely desire to find out the cause of such lack of communication. For surely as I liveth I will continue to write mine epistle to my family only if they will then in return send an epistle back.

To the boisterous and strong laddie, Jared! You're alright! I haven't heard from you in ages!!! I don't know if it's just that in the last few months you haven't found 5 min. to write your brother a letter idk But I'm not bitter because I was warned and forewarned that at about 6 months out I would cease receving post of anykind from everyone inculding family. But that's okay - you stopped at about 4 months so I don't have to worry about not getting post from you at the 6 month mark. Anyways feel free to write me before I come home at the 18 month mark!

Erin, I havent heard too much from just because of your business. But I hope you got the letter I sent with the loads of airmail stickers on them. Haha. It was way fun putting all of those on. I didn't actually know if they would be able to send it to you but I hope that you have been able to get the card I sent you for your birthday! I have plans for Christmas already in the works ;) Anyways I hope your doing well! And no, by the way I have not gotten any of the post you sent. It's probably all at my last flat. Except there is no one there anymore because the missionaries who were there got ET'd. So it's probably in a huge pile of post for me! Okay maybe just one or two letters.... Take care with all that you do in Logan I hope everything continues to be well!

Mom, I love the e-mails, and yes the pictures came through. I'm thankful for the weekly e-mails, and the Halloween post, and all such gifts from the family. They are greatly appriciated. And from the lack of post that I get I'm glad to hear the updates you put in about Jared and Lauren becuase most of their lives have been lost to me. It is only through your telling me about them in the e-mails that I get to hear anything about them. Anyways Mom I put up the Halloween decorations and the Fall decorations and the magnets and all such items! I also shared my Halloween candy with Elder Walker! I thank you for being such a good e-mailing mom and I'm sure it helps to have my laptop to push that along ;) I love you!

Dad, I'm glad to continue to recieve post from you, and the maple leaves you sent :) I'm also glad to get those snipits of your journal. I love hearing about you mission so I can compare it to mine. I'm also glad to be updated on the things that happen around the house and work and all that sort of thing. I'm glad that when you read my e-mail you don't start to cry. I'm glad you proud of me and excited for me becuase each new day is another excitement when you're riding your bike through the tiny streets of England! Anyways I'm glad your doing well. I pray everyday that you back holds up with all that yard work that you have said you have done. I pray that you will be okay and not injure yourself too much doing that, since I'm not around to help you out with the load of things to be done! I love you and I'm glad your doing well!

I love my family and I'm glad your all doing well! I'm doing just as good as I could be and we will leave it at that! I love the Lord and this work! And I would not be anywhere else. And while it is hard to be away from friends, and they miss you, and all sorts of others things will come up I'd not give up this short time for what I'm doing right now! I love you and I'll see you in a year and a half!

Love Elder Brooksby

P.S. I entered the MTC on the 14th of May and that is when my time started counting. So on the 14th of November it will be 6 months!