Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fair For Fair Enough

I think that’s a great title and I hope the attached pictures describe exactly how this last week has been for me.

This one is just of me.

This is of me holding the Going to Court booklet (I’ll explain later)

The last is of my foot after a few weeks of walking during what is now commonly called the bicycle crisis.

So first off I have sent the letter today explaining why I didn’t send them over the last two weeks.... Also I spent money out of the account because here’s the story - One night we were riding our bikes to go tracting and I was right in front of an old folks home when I felt the chain lurch a little bit. Then all a sudden I felt a bump in my tire, and a loud explosion and boom. The inner tube was gone. It had blown clean through. I got off the bike and muttered some words that ought not to be muttered again and looked around to see two of the old folks home workers hiding behind the giant rubbish bin cowering because they thought it was a gun shot! I then came out and said everything’s alright it’s just that my bike tire blew out and everything else is fine. They were relived. My adrenaline was flowing because not only did it scare them, but it scared the pants off me as well! So not only did the inner tube blow but also the wall on the tire itself! So that being said, maybe there was a max number of patches you’re allowed to have on one tube? I don’t know, all I know is I was unhappy and I had to buy a new tube and a new tire. So that’s where the money has gone. Also my alarm clock broke so I have to go into town today and get a new one. I don’t know why it broke, the battery is not the issue, it's the clock....go figure.

Also, I have to go to court.....as a witness to a crime here in Wolverhampton. And Elder Walker has to come up from Swindon too, so we will both witness in court. There is no way around it either. It’s really no big deal. It’s just that we witnessed a theft when a guy tried to sell us some video games when we were out on the street talking with a member. The guy had them stuffed down his sleeves which Elder Walker and I thought was pretty dodgy. Come to find out they were stolen from that member's home and the guy knew the member and was trying to sell him back his own games. Go figure. We have to go to Wolverhampton magistrate court on February 13th to testify. What an experience! How many missionaries get to go to court on their mission?

Justin is carrying out his New Year’s resolution 100% perfectly. He writes a letter to his brother and I each week! I like hearing about his mission and things he has to say as well. Okay the last two pictures are of names Justin puts for the sender address. I have tons more names but those are just a few I liked!

Okay – How’s the family doing, Jared, Lauren? I have time to write them today so I'll take advantage of that time! As for now it’s a great! GREAT!!!!!!!! thing that those trousers are coming, because I just got a new hole in the crotch in my good set of trousers from the Missionary Mall suit. So I need them desperately!!! Is it just one pair, or two? I guess I don’t care as long as they will last me another 8 months or so!

Okay - I love you and I'm thankful for the support you give. Thanks for the post. I'm sorry mine hasn’t gotten there on time. Hopefully it will come in a few days! I’m being 100% obedient so God can bless me. Anyways, I love you all and look forward to hearing from you! Don’t worry about me too much I'm in good hands! Talk with you soon!!!! Bye Now!

Friday, January 2, 2009

You know you're in England when...

You know you're in England when you have a photo like this taken. We got this one from Brett close to Christmas.

Also, as a reminder, anyone can send Brett packages & snail mail. We keep his address updated on this site. A regular letter of 1oz or less costs $0.94 to mail. If you want to be sure Brett gets something, but don't mind if it's delayed, you can also send it to the mission home. That address is also on this site. If you feel pretty safe that he'll get it before the next transfer, you can send it to his actual address. Brett did not get transferred this time so he's likely going to be at his same address for the next 5 weeks or so.

For packages, the cheapest way seems to be to send the USPS flat-rate envelopes or boxes. All you can cram in them for one flat rate. I think the cheapest is a large envelope for ~$12.

IMPORTANT NOTE: DON'T send things via UPS or FedEx or DHL, etc. They will likely impose a huge import tax on those things that are due on delivery. So much of a tax that it would break him to pay it. Horror stories abound. The mission home will refuse packages that arrive with duties due for this very reason.