Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Elder Brooksby!!!!

Today is Brett's 21st birthday.
It's the second one he's been gone for.

Here's last years picture of us at home celebrating Brett's birthday.

This one is the family celebrating without him.

Here's his cake he made in the mission field.
We sent him a package with a cake,
frosting, and candles for him to make.
Unfortunately he didn't remember to take
a picture until after they'd eaten a piece.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nottingham Today!

Brett didn't write too much in his e-mail this week. He said that he had to keep it short because they were going to Nottingham to play some District basketball. He said that it takes an hour to get there on the bus, and then they have to catch a tram to get the rest of the way there.

Brett's been working hard finding people to teach and working with some of the less active members of the ward. He said he always thinks of it as bringing the lost sheep back to the fold.

Brett said that he was able to talk to a sister missionary who is serving in the Wolverhampton branch. She told him just how much the members there liked him and that they wished he could come back and serve there again. He said that was nice to hear.

He also said that he's working really hard on not being trunky, which can be difficult when you only have 55 days left in the mission field.

It's so great to hear from him. He loves his mission and the English people so much. It's with mixed feelings that he approaches the end of his mission.