Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Well that's England for ya!

Brett e-mailed yesterday and said that the missionary work in Sheldon is “wonderfully tiresome!” He also said that it's been 78-86 degrees and very humid there. He also said something that Michelle discovered on her mission to Costa Rica – why they tell you to bring handkerchiefs. Brett said “it's not for blowing your nose...but rather for wiping off the almost continual sweat that spouts from the top of your forehead, then drips down your face, into your eyes and mouth, then down your front.” Brett said that he's sure he's lost a few pounds in bike riding and sweat! Brett also had his first Zone Conference. They went to Bimbos Farm, Gadfield Elm Chapel, and Herefordshire Beacon. I googled those places and it was fun to see what they looked like. He also got to play dodge ball and table tennis while at Zone Conference.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Tuesday

We got a snail mail letter from Brett on Monday, and an e-mail on Tuesday. What fun! He was able to baptize an eighteen year old girl on July 18th. He was very excited about that. He said that he is in the Sheldon area. He told us that he thinks his companion is Lance Armstrong because he bikes so fast. However, he did say that he managed to keep up with him for about 20 minutes recently so he must be getting stronger. He said that he's sleeping really well at night and that morning comes too quickly. Some "chaps" have already tried to steal his new bike. We're hoping that his lock is as substantial as he thinks it is. He said that he's had proper Shephard's Pie and Yorkshire Pudding and that they're feeding him well. He said " I'm still being good, working hard, and having fun along with that!"

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brett's Mission Plaque

I took pictures of Brett's plaque in the case at church. Unfortunately I didn't do it before they'd taken Eric's down. Oh well!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Missionary Life is The Life!

We got an e-mail from Brett today. He mentions how busy he is, and how hard it is to find time to write letters. He's also discovered that Sundays are not really days of rest. He said that in addition to the 15-20 miles that they usually ride they also add some referrals to stop by on. That means they sometimes hit 25 miles of bike riding on a Sunday.

He also said that he bought bicycle lights because they are required and spray paint so that no one would “nick” his bike. He said “Now I know that you're thinking 'what the heck does nick mean'? Well it means the same thing as pinch, both mean to steal. Theft is a huge problem here and because you live in the city bicycles are prime objects to steal and then sell for drugs or just to use because they are easy to get around on. So we are sanding off the nice stickers on my bike (his brand new bike) and painting it a nasty pastel light green color with random stripes on it. It will be really disgusting and easy to spot if someone steals it.”

He said that missionary work is going well. They have a baptism planned for this Friday. He said that they've been blessed with people to teach for which he's grateful because when they're busy teaching the time flies by.

Brett also said that he was sending us a CD with pictures. When we get it we'll put some of them on the blog as well.

He ends by saying: “I'm being good, I'm working hard, and because of that I'm having fun!”

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8, 2008

We got a short e-mail from Brett. He said that he didn't have much time and that the e-mail was extremely slow. He and his companion have a baptism, which Brett was excited about and the work seems to be going along well. He did get a new bike. We hope it makes it easier to do his 10-20 miles a day.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brett's Getting a New Bike

We got an e-mail from Brett on Tuesday, July 1st. He says that he is going to get a new bike. He'd been given one by a member but it was too small for him. He said when he peddled his knees hit his chest. He was going to a large mall in the center of Birmingham called the Bull Ring. He said that we here would be considered posh with our washer and dryer, two cars, and a two car garage. He said that people think he's from NYC when he says he's from New York. He says the missionary work is going well and he's learning to love the people. He also said he appreciates all a good bishop does to help with missionary work. Brett said it was LDS Helping Hands day last Saturday and he dug up stones and all sorts of weeds then large bushes and then he planted new plants for a total of four hours of work!!!! He said it was crazy but not very hot so it was okay!