Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ho humm....the fun that is transfers

Sorry for the lateness of my writing you all, but like I mentioned before, I got a new companion because of transfers. His name is Elder Rose. He has been out in the field for eight months. He is from Roseville, California.

To answer your question - I love both post and e-mail. However, if I had to choose one it would be post and I'll tell you why. Post is something someone took time to write out and stick in a letter and send to me at my home, and I can read it not only on P-days but other days as well. Plus it is also more personal feeling to receive. So, I like e-mail but I prefer post better.

Well, I have got a baptism on September 5th. But that might get moved because there is a conflict with another ward activity.

I just got a package from the Maughans with American Starbursts in it along with American Skittles and Sweetarts!!!

Anyway I have to get going now, my times up. I'll write to you again in a few days. It will be on Tuesday this time because it’s going to be just a normal week.

I love you and continue to pray things are well over there. And all I need from you is the recipe for chocolate chip cookies and homemade maple syrup. If you could e-mail those it would be great!

Cheers Mi Duck, Tra, Tada, Cheerio, Cheers butt, alright butt, and as the Muslims here say - Peace Be Upon You :-)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You've got questions and I've got answers....

First off this week has been quite busy with a baptism on Friday that went great, and another projection for baptism on september the 5th. There is this man we met and he's from Jamaica and he went to our church there in Jamaica and was so close to being baptized but...then he moved over here to England so instead of us finding him he actually contacted us and now we are teaching him and getting read to baptise him!It's great! We also recived a referal for a girl and we are teaching her and her partner and they probably will be baptized, which is great.

The bike riding is good I guess. My legs are building and actually I have enormous calf muscels now I was just looking at them and they are ripped's a wonder I dont walk funny.

So you know that lock I was talking about that I bought, yea it stopped working and now I have to buy a new one and because it had started to rust, and I'd only used it for 2 months. The store wouldn't refund me my money so now I have a chinsey lock until I can go today to Halfords and buy a new lock that might actually last this time! But I have to get one today because if I don't I'm sure you can bet £60.00 that it will be gone in an instant at some point this week. And because I'm so early in my mission I'd rather replace my lock that the whole bike itself....I think you can understand that as well.

My trousers (not pants those are underwear) are holding in there for at least another month, but we'll see when it come to 6 months how much extra thread they have in them because of my horrible stiching job.

Thank you all for the scriptures and the updates, and Mom I'm going to send you a tape so don't worry all your questions will be answered then. I just have to finish the tape first but finding time is the hardest thing to do. I love you all and I'm proud to hear I have a sister who graduated BYU with honours (English spelling). Hope you continue to have fun. I'm doing my best out here, you can be sure of that.

Love, Elder Brett Brooksby

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Latest from Brett - Aug. 12, 2008

We received an email from Brett this morning. He says,

"...the Mission has been going well. We have a baptism this weekend and that is going to be great! There is also going to be a "Feast" afterwards, or at least that's what the person we are baptizing said! The whole family is Irish and they couldn't be a more happy and loving group of people! The Irish are just funny, merry people all the time....although with their red hair they are famous for an awful that has been rewarding. We have had an awesome referral come to us for a man who is Jamaican and has met with the missionaries before and was really close to being baptized ... but moved and had lost contact with the church for 7 years. He wants badly to get addicted to the Book of Mormon again and wants to go back to church! So all in all, so far we are working with some really great people!"

We also learned that Brett bought some hair clippers to save money on haircuts. We're not sure who is doing the clipping, but it could be interesting.

Also as a reward for achieving the "standard of excellence" for the month, their whole zone got to go to a Nando's for lunch. Apparently they serve some very spicy chicken there.

Two new scriptures Brett likes are 2 Nephi 29:6-10 and Mosiah 2:22-24.

As always, it was great to hear from him and see how he is growing. As he said: "A mission ... will bless you more that you could ever want!"