Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Darn those computers!

We got a short letter from Brett today. He said: "I was almost done on the computer I was on and as I was about to send it something happened. The keyboard stopped letting me push any of its buttons, so I couldn't salvage any of my work and now I'm back at square one!"

I'm sure that was very frustrating. We've all had that experience. Unfortunately for Brett (and us) he was out of e-mail time and couldn't re-write his e-mail.

He said that he got a new bike frame today. He said that it's aluminum ant that all the components on it still work. He said that he doesn't need to bother with the hassle of switching all the things from his current bike to the one he just got! All he needs to swap are the disk and caliper to the new bike frame! He said that he was very happy about that!

Brett also said that a General Authority of the church will be coming to speak to them. He didn't know who was coming yet, but was sure he'd be finding out pretty soon.

I'd asked Brett if he liked the crockpot we'd ordered from Amazon UK for him. He said that he LOVES it. He said that it makes meals so much easier. He loves that he can leave it for hours and hours and when he gets home the meat is so nice and tender.

Brett ends with: "Well, I can not put more. I'm out of time and a little unhappy. And if I don’t get this sent now it won’t make it. So sorry about this. I'm going to get stamps today so I can send you a letter! Sorry again. If I new what filter keys were I wouldn’t have pressed okay...."

March 25, 2009

We got an e-mail from Brett on Wednesday, March 25th instead of on Tuesday the 24th because there were transfers. He said that he's staying with Elder Hart for another transfer. He also said that this transfer is only a 5-week transfer instead of a 6-week transfer. So in about another 4 weeks there will be transfer news again! He said that out of the Zone Leaders in his flat, Elder Mouritsen is staying and Elder Gee (pronounced G), the British Elder in the flat is leaving. They are getting an new ZL, Elder Wells from Arizona. He said "it will be one great time!"

Brett said that he and Elder Hart and are still just as good as usual. They have two projections for baptism in April. One is an older gentleman named Tom who is 57 years old. The other is a young lad by the name of Jamie and he is 10 years old.

He said he got both of the packages we sent for his birthday. We ordered a watch for him because the one he had doesn't work anymore. We also sent an envelope with a tie and a CTR ring and some other things. He said that he wears the ring, but that it took some time to get used to! He also got the Tesco delivery all right. Tesco is a grocery store in England. We can go on-line and order food items and have them delivered to Brett's flat. He said that he left plenty of time so he wouldn't miss the delivery. (Last time we ordered he missed the delivery). He was home an hour early and it came right at 8:30pm, a half-hour earlier than the 9-11pm time slot we'd picked! He made and ate the "birthday cake" carrot cake we'd ordered and said it was good. He also said that he slightly burnt the bottom, but that it still tasted wonderful! He forgot his camera today when he e-mailed, so he promised to send pictures next week. He mentioned that he also got a package from a friend that was filled with pictures and goodies as well. He was very happy about that!

All in all it sounds like he's happy and doing well.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We got an e-mail from Brett today. He said that time seems to be going quickly. He also mentioned that he'd been sick toward the end of the week, but that he was now feeling much better. He said that he'd been able to give a baby a name and a blessing this past week. He said that he was nervous, but thought it went OK.

Brett sent us this picture. Here's what he had to say about it: "I have no pictures except this one where they have to post this sign in the library for people to know not to shout or be loud. Look at all the languages they have to put it in! Luckily the US only has Spanish on things...."
There are 15 languages on that piece of paper. Wow!

Brett also mentioned that he would love either carrot cake with cream cheese frosting or white cake with vanilla frosting for his birthday cake. We'll have to see if Tesco has anything like that. Just a reminder to you all - Brett's birthday is March 22nd.