Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What would England be without another day of bicycle vandlism?

Yep, that's right kiddies! The Chavs have had at our bikes again. This time they couldn't get our bike frames off of the pole so they decided to kick in our rims and let down our tires by slashing them! This was the second week we had started to put them on poles after my last bike robbing and look at what happens! I'm so sick of having to buy or fix my bike!

On another note - Elder Hart has two weeks left! It's kind of strange for him, but he's doing well. He's not even that trunky yet! I hope he holds on well!

We have another baptism this weekend. He is an 18 year-old former gang member. He is having all the problems of the world with his girlfriend and his family. I've never seen Satan work on someone sooooo hard as he has with him. As a result he has also been working on Elder Hart and I - getting our bikes wrecked so we can't go see him. I don't know, it's just a pain in the neck!

I'm making sure I'm taking more pictures lately so that I can have a good documentation of my mission. I usually just leave my camera at home but now I'm bringing it with me!

Well I'll leave you with that, and now I'm going home to fix my bike!

I love you and I'm glad you're all well! Please pray that my bike and I stay in tact!

Love Elder Brooksby

P.S. I wonder if they make titanium tires or Kevlar or something like that?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gotta Go

We usually get e-mail for Brett on Tuesday morning, but we knew that they were playing Zone Football (soccer) for P-day on Tuesday and so we weren't surprised when we didn't get an e-mail yesterday. However, this is what we got today:

"I'm in a really dodgy Internet cafe with scary people. I'm going to leave and I'll talk with you the way I bought some football boots (soccer cleats) so I can play with my projection. Anyway, I'm going to get me and Elder Hart out of this place! Yikes! Don't worry, I'm okay -although if you saw where I was you would flip your lid! Love, your son Elder Brooksby ;)"

I guess we'll have to wait until next week to hear about what's going on. At least we know that he's alive and exercising some judgement.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today is Brett's "Hump Day". He's officially been on his mission for one year today. What a year it's been. We are so glad that he's serving a mission. There is no place we'd rather have him be, and nothing else we'd rather have him doing!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Its a sunny day and a time to play footie!

We got an e-mail from Brett today. It's weird to get one after just talking to him on Sunday. But we'll take it whenever we can get it. He said that he was glad Michelle had received her Mother's Day card. He said that he had to buy the card in March because they have Mothering Sunday on March 22nd (which is his birthday). He said that he bought it then and saved it till it was closer and he could fill it in and send it to Michelle. He thought what it said on the front was appropriate. It said: "Sorry I won't be home for Mothers Day. I have no washing to be done and I'm alright for cash! With love on Mothers Day!" He said that it made him crack up reading it and that he could only imagine that we would think it was funny as well!

Brett also said that today they were having a practice for Mission Football (soccer) which was going to be in a week in Coventry. He said that he was going to try and recall the skills he had back in Fourth Grade when he played soccer and then he'd see what wouldl happen.

He also mentioned that he got his Hump Day package (Brett's been out a year on Thursday, May 14th and so will be over the hump). He said that he really loved it. He said that all the other missionaries were jealous of what he got, so he shared some of his American Skittles with all of them. He said the thing he was most happy to receive was the American deodorant. He said that he has missed it sooooo much!!! He said that in England they only have spray deodorant which he does not like. We also sent his watch back with a new battery in it and he was happy to get that too.

We had asked Brett if there was anything that he wanted from home and he asked if it would be possible to get a pitch pipe. He said that he's doing a lot of singing while on his mission. He said that there is a professional singer (who's a sister) that he ends up singing with a lot. He also said that he got to sing a solo at a baptism last week.

He ended by saying "Cheers! Elder Brooksby:)"

Our Mother's Day Call from Brett

Brett called home at 1:00 p.m. our time. We had Erin and Justin on Skype and the rest of us were on a cool speaker phone that Glen had brought home. It worked great. We were all able to hear him and ask questions.

It is amazing how fast time goes when we are talking to him. In our conversation he mentioned that he will probably be home for next Mother's Day. He said his mission typically releases missionaries two weeks before their entrance date - and that would put him home around the first part of May. That means we'll only talk to him once more before he's home - at Christmas time. Wow, time is flying by!

Brett said that he's eaten tons of ethnic food. He usually has African, Jamaican, or Indian food, with some good old English food thrown in now and then. He said that one of his favorite dishes is a vin daloo from India. He said it has curry in it and is extremely hot (spicy).

Brett also said that one of the things he thinks he'll be blown away by when he comes home is how big everything is. Cars, houses, yards, streets - they're all small in England. He said that a Ford Focus would be a "family car" in England. We thought that was funny!

Michelle thanked Brett for her Mother's Day present. Glen had Brett record 116 words that the GPS uses. Then he put it into the GPS unit. On Saturday night Glen and Michelle were driving to U. Albany for a concert and the GPS was giving directions. The first was "Turn Left" and Michelle said: "What voice is that?", because it was a male voice when before it had always been female. Then the GPS said something else and she asked Glen what was going on - Glen asked Michelle whose voice she thought it sounded like. She said she thought it sounded like Brett. And Glen told her that it was. Once the GPS said more than just a few words it was easy to hear that it was Brett. So now every time we use the GPS it will be Brett's voice giving us directions. If we put it in the back seat we might even think that he was in the car. It was so fun to hear his voice after not talking to him since Christmas. And then to get to talk to him the next day was amazing.

He'd love to get letters from anyone who wanted to write. Hint, hint!

Brett expressed that he is learning the value of work, and that it's taken on a whole new meaning since being in the mission field. It's fun to hear how he's maturing and learning lessons that will benefit him for the rest of his life.

Erin and Justin were able to tell Brett that they're having a baby boy. We also told him that Suzanne and Evan are having a baby boy as well.

It was great to talk to him. It made us realize just how much we miss his sense of humor. He said some pretty funny things and made us all laugh.

If you haven't heard Brett's voice in a while, you can hear it below. This is how he answered the phone.