Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Day

We were able to talk to Brett for two hours on Christmas Day. He was able to go to the home of a member of the LDS church and we were able to call him there. Just before calling him we got Erin and Justin on Skype so that they could also hear the phone call. Glen brought home a really nice speaker phone that we plugged in so everyone could hear each other. It worked out really well. It was good to talk to Brett and learn a little more about England and the different coustoms. I never knew that 120 minutes could go so quickly. Brett said that he had received our Christmas package, and the one from Erin & Justin. He also said that his bike has been fixed, so cross your fingers that it will stay that way. Transfers were on the 29th of December, and Brett did not get transfered. He's still in Wolverhampton, but has a new companion - Elder Patterson from Utah.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hello from England

Okay, I've still not been having a good week. My bike is still broken and is causing too much stress! My bike is much like the green Ford Windstar was with the engine always going out. My mission president says to just buy a new bike that cost £80.00. But I don’t think it's worth putting money into a bike that’s not going to last. My mission president also said that I can expect to get my bike stolen four times during my mission. Wow!

Elder Walker, the branch, and Elder Stevens are all helping as much as they can. I have to keep my faith in the Lord right now more than any other time because this is when I need it the most, and I know that.

I have received your Christmas packages, the one from the family, and the one from Erin. I also just sent you a little package with my memory card in it. I hope you get it and that it still has pictures on it and hasn’t been erased. I also got a package from the Waddingtons with a really cool Christmas sock dressed like a missionary.

All in all Elder Walker and I are being looked after by the branch, and I will be doing a lot better if I can fix my bike.

The most important think I’m thankful for are encouraging words from home. Missionary work is very hard mentally and physically, but helping words from home make it easier to bear.

I love you and look forward to hearing from you in the next few days!

Elder Brooksby

P.S. please send Patrick’s address so I can keep in touch with him!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Its cold out and I got soaked!

We got a letter from Brett today and he's feeling discouraged. He feels like he's working hard, but not seeing any results. He also said that his bicycle isn't working well, and hasn't been for about 4 weeks. If any of you were thinking of writing him, now would be a good time to do it. He could use some encouraging letters.