Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Is it Derby or Darby?

We got a great e-mail from Brett today. He said that he and his companion are going to Derby so his companion can get a pair of "boots" for a mission football (soccer) game they're having on the 20th of April.

He also said this about Derby: "Well if you look at my subject you would probably wonder what I was on about? Well... I was making fun of the spelling of Derby. If I was to read this word I would read it like Derby - as in the pine wood derby. But in this country apparently Derby is pronounced Darby."

He said that the weather has been "simply beautiful" lately. I'm sure after a long, cold winter he's really appreciating Spring.

Brett said that this past Monday was Zone Conference #17. And that could only mean one thing. He had the opportunity to bare his testimony. He said it was a long walk to the front of the chapel and up to the pulpit. He said that he had a million thoughts running through his head like: "What am I doing up here? How can it possibly be my turn to do this? And help me know what to say!" But he said that after a split second the words just began to flow as he was prompted by the Spirit and he was able to bare testimony of the things he knew to be true.

He said: "I felt this burning in my heart and I knew that what I had spent time doing and being involved in was what God had wanted me to be involved in!"

What a wonderful feeling to know that you've done what you were called to do, and done it well.

Brett also pointed out that this e-mail is his 3rd to last e-mail before he comes home. He actually arrives home 3 weeks from today!!!!! But who's counting? So write those letters if you're going to. You don't have much time left.

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