Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Elder Brooksby in Brooksby

Here's Elder Brooksby's letter which we received today.

"Well Today is P-day and for P-day we had a member pick us up to go out to the town of Brooksby! And, well, it took us a while to even find it, and when we did we got there and had a look around it wasn’t very big! But nonetheless I've been to the town where the Brooksby name originates from and I've probably trod on the same ground that my ancestors have trod on! I'll include some pictures for you to have a look at! So that was the highlight of today! And the best part is we still have some of P-day left!

Well I'm looking to be baptizing again on the 17th of April! A Young man [who] is quite interested in the church. The first time he came he said that walking home from church was the first time in a long time that he had felt really Peaceful! So its looking good We still have to teach him more but we have taught the first 3 lessons and all has gone well so I'm looking forward to teaching the rest! Keep praying for him and for me!

Well serving with an Englishman is sort of interesting, because my accent kinda gets muddled up with his accent and I think I begin to actually pick up an English accent on some words and other things! So it will be interesting. I'll just hope I can manage an accent before I return! But as for everything else, things are fine. I'm really getting tired … but nonetheless I just plod on!

Not much else is new with me its been a pretty slow, fast, slow sorta week! I'm still alive still doing missionary work which is good. All I'm doing is just trying to last and to do my best! It's good that where we live there isn’t much air traffic because today I saw an airplane and thought just for a second "it won't be long till I get to enjoy flying again!" So I'm holding out as best I can!

Well that’s it for me. Nothing else really exciting. Sounds like everyone is well! And I'll tell you the thing which has been of most worth to me at the age of 19-21 has been my mission! I don't think there is possibly anything better that you can do than to go on a mission! It's not been easy and I don't think that it will ever be easy but it has been worth it for the things I've learned in my life! I love my mission and even despite all the chav's I love England!

Well I'll hope to hear from you next week! Love you all and thank you for all your support!

Love and cheers!

Elder Brooksby

P.S. I got Melissa's Package! Tell her thank you! And tell her its okay if she smells of Africa. I quite like the idea anyways!

P.P.S. The last picture is of Brooksby Hall! I should have looked into whether or not I could have inherited it! ;)

If you too would like to (virtually) visit where Elder Brooksby stood, visit the map below. Drop the street view icon (it looks like a little man) at the intersection of Thrussington Rd., Brooksby Rd. and Main St. and turn around for a bit. It's like you're right there with him! (Even more fun in "full screen" mode.) You can even don your 3D glasses and view it in 3D for the full effect.

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Melissa said...

Yayyyy!! I hope that he does get an accent from his companion, right before he comes home! And I'm really glad that he got my birthday package! In case you were wondering what he was talking about when he said it's okay if I smell like Africa, I told him that I didn't care how late I was coming home, how African I smelled, or how jet-lagged I was, I was going to go STRAIGHT to your house right when I got home from Ghana (probably before I even go to my house) and was going to give him the world's biggest hug :)

p.s. I LOVE those pictures! I'm so glad he finally got to accomplish his goal of being in Brooksby! Less than one month!! :)